Retirement planning with Lighthouse Money Management

Many people think they have to wait until age 65 and qualify for their CPP pension before they can retire.

This often isn’t the case. You can retire and lead the lifestyle you wish, by planning your retirement well in advance.

Retirement planning can help you:

  • Retire when you want
  • Have the income you want
  • Enjoy the retirement you deserve

Retirement is the next phase of your life after you leave full-time work behind. So it makes sense to plan in advance for the next 30+ years, including how you transition from full-time employment to fully retired. You might even choose to work part time in retirement, receiving both a pay cheque and a pension at the same time.

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As your local retirement planning specialists in Huron County, we’ll work with you to create a retirement plan that’s unique to you and your circumstances.

Retirement planning for everyone

We offer retirement planning for everyone. Whether you’re saving for retirement, living the retirement dream, planning to leave a legacy, or want to put a business succession plan in place, we’re here to help.


Making the most of your RRSP and other registered retirement plans.

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Estate planning

Planning for your future and for the next generation.

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Succession planning

Passing on your family business without worry

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The key to a successful and enjoyable retirement is having the right financial provisions in place so you can retire without fear of running out of money.

You probably already have financial provisions in place such as:

Professional financial planning for retirement helps you make the most of your money assets. At Lighthouse Money Management, we take an overview of all your finances and discuss what you want to achieve in your retirement. We offer advice and help you maximize the money you have for a long and enjoyable retirement.

To ensure you can retire to the lifestyle you want to enjoy, you should ask yourself some key questions:

  • Are my retirement savings adequate given my current age and projected life expectancy?
  • Do my investment categories overlap, resulting in me paying too much tax?
  • What happens to my retirement plans and investment portfolio if I get sick or injured?

As a local financial planning company, we can help you answer those questions and put a retirement strategy in place whatever your age, income or assets.

As a local financial planning company, we can help you answer those questions and put a retirement strategy in place whatever your age, income or assets.

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Sterling Mutuals works closely with their advisors to make continuous improvements to technology and ensure that their advisors have the most up to date industry information. You can rest easy knowing that they are working behind the scenes to make sure that your interests are protected.

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