Pension planning for you

At Lighthouse Money Management, we are passionate about ensuring your pension works for you.

We work with you to make sure you get the most out of all your pensions, including:

  • Your CPP & OAS pensions
  • Your current work pension
  • Any previous work pensions

Our expert team can help with professional, strategic advice on pensions, including:

  • Practical strategies for tax deferred contributions
  • Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pension plans, such as:
    • Municipal pension and public employee plans (OMERS)
    • Private company pension plans (i.e. Bruce Power, Compass Minerals)
    • Hospital and health care pension plans (HOOPP)
  • Individual Pension Plans (IPP)

Need help with your Canadian pensions?

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Many of us have been contributing to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) ever since we started work. Your CPP is valuable and is often the backbone of retirement financial planning.

When you retire, you’ll receive regular pension payments equivalent to approximately 25% of your average annual earnings. Our team can ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your CPP, especially if you are approaching retirement and/or aged 60 or over.

Call us for a no-obligation appointment to discuss your pension situation.

RPPs (Registered Pension Plans) are an efficient and straightforward way to save for retirement as both you and your employer contribute to the plan. RPPs are tax-deductible, so you get to keep more of your income. You do not pay tax on what your RPP investments earn until you withdraw the money. (This is known as tax deferral.)

To discuss maximizing the benefits of your RPP pension, contact us.

Half a million current and retired municipal employees have an OMERS pension. The plan offers valuable benefits such as inflation protection, early retirement options, survivor benefits and more.

To discuss you OMERS pension as part of your retirement planning, just contact us – we’re here to help.

The RRSP is a personal account for holding savings and investment assets. Find more details in our Investment section, plus details of the Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs).

Any questions?

How the various pension options work together (or not) can be complicated and confusing. As your experienced pension plan experts, Lighthouse Money Management can offer clear, straightforward advice and help with any Ontario or Federal pension plan.