Insurance: for when the unexpected happens

Insurance is there to protect you and your family should something unexpected happen. At Lighthouse Money Management, we can look at the various health, illness and life insurance provided by your employer (if any) and advise on the best policies and strategies for your specific circumstances.

You can then choose what insurance plans best suits you, your family, your current coverage and future requirements.

A long-term illness can have a far-reaching impact on you and your family. Disability insurance is there to help if you’re unable to work and bring in income to provide for yourself and your family. Disability insurance policies can provide a recurring stream of income to cover major household expenses while you recover.

Critical Illness policies provide a large, one-time payout should you suffer from a heart attack, a stroke, cancer or other critical illnesses. The money can be used for whatever you wish, so you can use the payout to best benefit you and your loved ones. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Life policies protect those who are left behind when you die, and no longer have your income to rely on. The lump sum payout from your insurance can be used to:

  • Pay off your mortgage balance
  • Set up a fully-funded education fund for your children
  • Cover taxes due by your estate and/or
  • Be invested by your loved ones to provide an income stream to live on in lieu of the money you used to earn.

Our insurance review is designed to ensure you have the right amount of coverage for your unique circumstances. We will review your life, illness, disability and other personal insurance policies in terms of what coverage is beneficial to you.

Contact us at our Goderich offices to book your insurance policies review.

Insurance advice from Lighthouse Money Management

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