Financial planning with Lighthouse Money Management

If you budget for your vacation, get more than one estimate for home renovations, or save for your children’s college education, you are already making financial plans.

Professional personal financial planning simply takes that one step further. As your financial advisors, we create a plan and put the strategies in place to grow and to fund your lifestyle now and into the future.

Many financial advisors call financial planning “wealth management”, but rest assured, financial planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Whatever your income, assets, or savings, financial planning can help make the most of the money you have now.

Unlike larger financial planning companies and institutions, the person you meet at Lighthouse Money Management will be the same person who looks after your financial planning year after year. We aim to become a trusted partner in your financial future.

Need some help with your financial planning?

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You may think that you don’t have any personal wealth, but in fact most of us have more assets than we might think. Your financial planning will cover everything you already have and what you might like to put in place, including:

  • CPP pension
  • Private (company) pension
  • Insurance policies
  • OAS and GIS benefits
  • Other Investments such as a stock portfolio
  • Land and property
  • Your business
  • The family home
  • The family cottage

Financial advice for our local community

Lighthouse Money Management is based in Huron County, so our team understands the pensions and benefits packages of key employers in our area.

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